“Fairview St. is definitely the best the best independent film I’ve ever seen.”~Shaswat Chitnis, festival programmer, Silent River Film Festival

2010 – Sound Post provided audio post production for Rebel Pictures award-winning indie feature film  ‘Fairview St.’    This is the flagship film in a series from this troupe of plucky indie filmmakers.    Sound Post is proud to be a part of the plucky troupe.  This film has garnered many awards including:

Feature Film of the Year 2010
The Stepping Stone International Film Festival-2010
Best Feature Film (The John Allen Award)-Muskegon Film Festival-2009
Best Feature-Drama-The Dark River Film Festival-2009
Best Director-Bare Bones Film Festival-2010
Best Screenplay-The Detroit Independent Film Festival-2010
Best Soundtrack-The Beloit International Film Festival-2010
2nd Best Feature Drama/Crime-The Indie Gathering-2009
Award of Merit-The Indie Fest-2009
Honorable Mention for Best Feature-Film-A-Thon-2009

Best Director-Michael McCallum-Naperville Independent Film Festival-2011
Best Actor-Michael McCallum-Detroit Independent Film Festival-2010
Best Director-Michael McCallum-Detroit Independent Film Festival-2010
Best Michigan Feature-Detroit Independent Film Festival-2010
Best Cinematography-A.E. Griffin-Maverick Movie Awards-2009
Indie Auteur of the Year-Michael McCallum-Bare Bones Film Festival-2010
Best Feature (Drama)-Bare Bones Film Festival-2011