Eddie, by David John.   

Songwriter and storyteller David John was producing his EP “Looking for Opal” at Sound Post.  “It’s a song about addiction,  It’s a song about the magical thinking that goes with it and the loneliness and isolation of addiction,” says David.   “Somehow this is all going to work out.   The song came from my personal experience and was inspired by the movie Let It Ride.”

Divin’ Down    

Words by Angie Royce and music and arrangement by Stuart Poltrock.   This song was written for School Zone Publishing to compliment their book “Peter’s Dream.”   Angie began with a cellphone recording, tapping on her table and singing the melody.    Add Stuart’s arrangement, a bit of studio magic, a dynamite 50s-style vocal by Lisa Knight over the last chorus,  and Dan Giacobassi’s flute ad lib and you have this catchy children’s song, Divin’ Down.

Samba In My Sleep

Written to compliment the book “Peter’s Dream” this is a delightful children’s night-time song produced for School Zone Publishing.  Writer and singer Glenn Bulthuis came into Sound Post with the simple chord progression and one twisting bridge section.   Add the arrangement and production by Sound Post’s Stuart Poltrock, a fun bridge vocal by Edie Evans Hyde, flute by Dan Giacobassi, and more guitar by Colorado’s Steven Boynton, and you have one of the best night-time lights out songs ever recorded . . . 

Regular Man – by David John

Quirky and unexpected, David wrote this song for his EP “Looking for Opal.”   Listen for the wisdom in verse three:   “When I get to heaven, I want a big party, build cabinets with Jesus, stay up all night.   I’ll look down on the people and drop little leaflets saying; don’t worry children it’ll be alright.”

“Regular Man” is a soft of sarcastic view that somewhere there’s this perfect place where if I do this this and this everything is going to work out,” says David.  People would see me as a regular guy … somehow being this way, being seen by neighbors as a regular guy that all things are going to work out.  Again, magical thinking.”