NOV 2020 Guilding Light ECP radio

NOVEMBER 2020  Guiding Light Mission Radio –  We secured the rights to the Christmas classic  “I’ll Be Home For Christmas” and recorded it along with “Silent Night” for a campaign for Guiding Light Mission.  Happiness is only meaningful when shared, and it was a joy to work with singers Merrin Bethel to produce these campaign soundtracks.   Many thanks to the creative folk and client Extra Credit Projects for leading the way on this multi-media campaign.


APRIL 2021 – Sound Post launches SOUND POST DEMOS created especially for voiceover talent.   From on-hold messages to movie trailers, translations and commercials, voiceover is a multi-billion dollar industry and a great demo is key to voiceover success.  Sound Post now provides experienced professional voiceover demo production with an emphasis on personal touch and interaction designed for success.    See the new webiste:

Behind The Smile Podcast

SPRING 2021 – Season One of the “Behind The Smile” podcast with author and host Vonnie Woodrick is underway!  Vonnie interviews guests about their lives and their stories relating to mental health and suicide. Hosted and recorded at Sound Post Studios, season one includes interviews with Meteorologist Ginger Zee, Olympian Tara Lapinski, Seattle’s Claire Anderson, Dr. Janna Hibler, journalist and filmmaker Jordan Carson, co-host Doug Meijer, entrepreneur Jeff Bennett, NFL referee Dino Paganelli, psychic to the stars Laura Powers, and co-host Doug Meijer.   Find this life-changing podcast on Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and more.

Audiobook “HumanKind” by Ashlee Eiland for Penguin Randomhouse

SEPTEMBER 2020 – We recorded Ashlee Eiland’s new book HumanKind – How Reclaiming Worth and Embracing Radical Kindness Will Bring Us Back Together for Penguin Random House.

It was a joy to work with Ashlee for a few summer days to record her great new book. “Ashlee draws on a range of personal experiences to explore how life fashions identity. She reflects on big themes, from the love of family to the brutality of racism and the search for belonging, and calls us to greater awareness of the stories and systems still shaping our lives and communities.”  Jo Saxton, author of The Dream of You.

Author Ashlee Eiland in Sound Post’s Studio B.

It’s a wrap! Author and narrator Ashlee Eiland and Sound Post owner and engineer, Stuart Poltrock.

Audiobook “The Lies of Locke Lamora” by Scott Lynch

NOVEMBER 2019 – At Sound Post we’re recording the Gentleman Bastards series of books by Scott Lynch, with award-winning actor and narrator Michael Page for Penguin Randomhouse.  The Gentleman Bastards are elite con artists as well as masters of deception, disguise and fine cuisine.  In ‘The Lies of Locke Lamora,” these ne’er-do-wells rob the rich of the city of Camorr, based on late medieval Venice but on an unnamed world.[2]
Two stories interweave: in the present, the Gentleman Bastards fight a mysterious Gray King taking over the criminal underworld; alternate chapters describe the history of Camorr and the Gentleman Bastards, in particular protagonist Locke Lamora.

ADR – Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire ADR with actor Evan Koons

Sound Post’s Stuart Poltrock with Chicago Fire Actor Evan Koons in Studio A for an ADR session. Notice Evan’s scene on the video monitor.

NOVEMBER 2019 – Sound Post recorded ADR ( dialogue replacement ) with actor Evan Koons. We recorded on Wednesday and the show aired Thursday.

Dialogue replacement (sometimes called ‘dubbing‘) is a necessary step in the audio post production of a feature film.   Often the sound recorded on the set is noisy, not clear, or possibly the director wants to change, add, or replace an actor’s line.  Dialogue replacement is the process for making these changes. At Sound Post we have recorded ADR with actor Edward Herrmann for ‘The Gilmore Girls,’ actor Patrick Muldoon for the film ‘Christmas Town,’ commercials, and many indie feature films.

Audiobook “Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love The Feeling of Being Home” by Liz Marie Galvan for Harper Collins

AUGUST 2019 – We had a great time with author Liz Marie Galvan recording her first audiobook. Liz Marie is a Michigan-born farm girl, a professional lifestyle blogger, a small business owner, a highly regarded Instagram personality, and a storyteller who brings her book to life with her own voice. Her visually stunning book is full of cost-conscious ideas to make every room in your house feel like a home you love. Liz Marie’s blog is the source of design inspiration for hundreds of thousands of readers who also benefit from her sharing stories of life with her veteran husband, their 1800s Michigan farmhouse, and the home décor boutique she co-owns.

Sound Post owner Stuart Poltrock with author Liz Marie Galvan and K-9 talent Delta.







Voice Over Talent Event


AUGUST 2019 – Sound Post opened our doors to potential and working voice talent to come in and learn about the gift, the skill, and the business of voice over acting. Over 50 folks came in to mingle, listen, and discover what we do here in the studio to bring stories to life.


WOVO Toronto

APRIL 2018 – Sound Post’s Creative Director, Stuart Poltrock, attended the WOVO conference in Toronto. This was a great opportunity to meet the terrific voiceover talent we work with, and meet new talent partners for our online pool. WOVO (World-Voices Organization} is dedicated to promoting professionalism, fair access to resources and knowledge, and defining the objectives of professional voice acting for both those in the profession and for the public.




The Action Bible comes to life



MARCH 2019 – Sound Post owner and Creative Director Stuart Poltrock composed the music, created the sound design, cast and recorded over 70 voices for this Nationally Award-Winning Children’s Bible. This 4-year project for David C Cook Publishing captured the stories of the Bible in 104 educational videos to make it appealing and engaging for children of all ages.