Audiobook “The Lies of Locke Lamora” by Scott Lynch

NOVEMBER 2019 – At Sound Post we’re recording the Gentleman Bastards series of books by Scott Lynch, with award-winning actor and narrator Michael Page.   The Gentleman Bastards are elite con artists as well as masters of deception, disguise and fine cuisine.  In ‘The Lies of Locke Lamora,” these ne’er-do-wells rob the rich of the city of Camorr, based on late medieval Venice but on an unnamed world.[2]
Two stories interweave: in the present, the Gentleman Bastards fight a mysterious Gray King taking over the criminal underworld; alternate chapters describe the history of Camorr and the Gentleman Bastards, in particular protagonist Locke Lamora.

Chicago Fire

NOVEMBER 2019 – Sound Post recorded ADR ( dialogue replacement ) with actor Evan Koons. We recorded on Wednesday and the show aired Thursday.

Dialogue replacement (sometimes called ‘dubbing‘) is a necessary step in the audio post production of a feature film.   Often the sound recorded on the set is noisy, not clear, or possibly the director wants to change, add, or replace an actor’s line.  Dialogue replacement is the process for making these changes. At Sound Post we have recorded ADR with actor Edward Herrmann for ‘The Gilmore Girls,’ actor Patrick Muldoon for the film ‘Christmas Town,’ commercials, and many indie feature films.

Sound Post’s Stuart Poltrock with actor Evan Koons in Studio A

Audiobook “Cozy White Cottage: 100 Ways to Love The Feeling of Being Home” by Liz Marie Galvan for Harper Collins


AUGUST 2019 – We had a great time with author Liz Marie Galvan recording her first audiobook. Liz Marie is a Michigan-born farm girl, a professional lifestyle blogger, a small business owner, a highly regarded Instagram personality, and a storyteller who brings her book to life with her own voice. Her visually stunning book is full of cost-conscious ideas to make every room in your house feel like a home you love. Liz Marie’s blog is the source of design inspiration for hundreds of thousands of readers who also benefit from her sharing stories of life with her veteran husband, their 1800s Michigan farmhouse, and the home décor boutique she co-owns.

Sound Post owner Stuart Poltrock with author Liz Marie Galvan and K-9 talent Delta.

Voice Over Talent Event


AUGUST 2019 – Sound Post opened our doors to potential and working voice talent to come in and learn about the gift, the skill, and the business of voice over acting. Over 50 folks came in to mingle, listen, and discover what we do here in the studio to bring stories to life.

WOVO Toronto

APRIL 2018 – Sound Post’s Creative Director, Stuart Poltrock, attended the WOVO conference in Toronto. This was a great opportunity to meet the terrific voiceover talent we work with, and meet new talent partners for our online pool. WOVO (World-Voices Organization} is dedicated to promoting professionalism, fair access to resources and knowledge, and defining the objectives of professional voice acting for both those in the profession and for the public.

The Action Bible comes to life



MARCH 2019 – Sound Post owner and Creative Director Stuart Poltrock composed the music, created the sound design, cast and recorded over 70 voices for this Nationally Award-Winning Children’s Bible. This 4-year project for David C Cook Publishing captured the stories of the Bible in 104 educational videos to make it appealing and engaging for children of all ages.

Audiobook “Introverted Mom, Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt, and Quiet Joy” by Jamie C. Martin for Harper Collins

FEBRUARY 2019 – Sound Post worked with Jamie C. Martin to record her audiobook version of “Introverted Mom, Your Guide to More Calm, Less Guilt, and Quiet Joy.” Although Jamie says she enjoys books, tea, and other people, her introverted nature means she may not always answer her phone when it rings. She is the co-founder of and has served as its editor-in-chief for over a decade. She also built the Steady Mom site.


“Jamie shares vulnerable stories from her own life as well as thoughts from other introverted mothers, letting you know you’re not alone. Her practical suggestions and creative inspiration are enhanced with quotes and insights from four beloved writers–Louisa May Alcott, Jane Austen, L. M. Montgomery, and Laura Ingalls Wilder. Together, Jamie and this band of fellow introverts gently point you toward hope, laughter, and joy.”

Steelcase 360 Podcast production continues


FEBRUARY 2019 – Sound Post studios has been supporting the development and production of the Steelcase 360 Podcast for over 5 years. We record, edit, and produce the podcasts with interviews of Steelcase leaders and bestselling authors and thought leaders like SImon Sinek, Beth Comstock, and Lew Epstein.


NOVEMBER 2018 – Sound Post’s own Stuart Poltrock attended the WOVOCON V National Conference in Las Vegas. This is one of the largest global conferences for professional voice actors and a great chance to grow the Sound Post online talent pool for our clients.

Audiobook “Vertical Marriage: The One Secret that will Change Your Marriage” by Dave & Ann Wilson with John Driver

SEPTEMBER 2018 – Sound Post enjoyed meeting and working with the authors of “Vertical Marriage: The One Secret that will Change Your Marriage” to produce the audiobook of their work.



“For anyone who is married, preparing for marriage, or desperate to save a relationship teetering on the edge of disaster, Dave and Ann offer hope and strategies that really work. Vertical Marriage will give you the insight, applications, and inspiration to reconnect with God together and to transform your marriage to everything you hoped it would be.”

Batman v. Superman

Batman v. Superman


MARCH 2016 – Sound Post provided ADR (Dialogue replacement) with actor and friend Ralph Lister for the Warner Brothers / Marvel Comic movie Batman v. Superman.   Ralph plays the part of Dr. Emmet Vale.

Center for Mindfulness

FEBRUARY 2016 – Sound Post partners with the Grand Rapids Center for Mindfulness and their mission to offer research-based mindfulness programs to manage stress and enjoy increased health and wellbeing.



Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

FEBRUARY 2016 – At Sound Post we completed the recording and production of TWO audiobooks by New York Times Bestselling Author Dr. Emerson Eggerichs – for HarperCollins Publishers.

LOVE & RESPECT, THE LOVE SHE MOST DESIRES AND THE RESPECT HE DESPERATELY NEEDS.   Sound Post hosted Dr. Eggerichs for several days of recording the updated audiobook version of this New York Times bestseller.  Touted by leaders as a “classic” among marriage books,  Love & Respecthas sold over 1.6 million copies! Love & Respect reveals why spouses react negatively to each other, and how they can deal with such conflict quickly, easily and biblically.

Author Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

MOTHER & SON: THE RESPECT EFFECT.  Sound Post hosted Dr. Eggerichs for several days of recording of this soon-to-be released book. Just as the New York Times bestseller Love & Respect message transferred family relationships with a biblical understanding of love and respect, Dr. Eggerichs now turns these principles to one of the most important and misunderstood relationships of all, the mother and son relationship. The definitive guide for a mom that wants to better understand her son and connect in a whole new way.

CBS Thursday Night Football

JANUARY 2016 – Sound Post continues to record actor Kevin Yon’s pre-game voiceover for CBS Thursday Night Football. You’ll hear Kevin (recorded in Sound Post’s Studio B) during the pregame tease.



Hoax or History

DECEMBER 15, 2015 – ‘Hoax or History:  The Michigan Relics‘ is being screened this evening at Grand Rapids’ WKTV.  This fascinating documentary, produced by filmmaker Thom Bell, delves into the Michigan Relics.   Starting in 1890 and continuing for the next 30 years, over 3,000 artifacts containing Egyptian, Greek, and cuniform symbols, were discovered in 17 Michigan counties.   Could this mean that ancient Egyptians, Hebrews, and early Christians actually settled in the Americas long before Columbus arrived in the “New World.”

They are real artifacts.  But of what ? A lost people?  Or of the largest archeological fraud in North America?   Watch and learn about the Michigan history you never knew.   At Sound Post we worked with Thom Bell to provide audio post production and mixing for this amazing documentary.   Thom will be at tonight’s screening to answer questions.

Hour of Power

NOVEMBER 2014 – January 2015 ~ Millions of viewers heard music mixed at Sound Post for “The Hour of Power.”  Led by pastor Bobby Schuller, the service from Shepherd’s Grove Church in Garden Grove, California, is seen around the world and online.



Five Amigos

NOVEMBER 2015 – The Five Amigos – Sound Post’s Stuart Poltrock with musicians Max Lockwood, Dan Rickabus, Steve Leaf, and engineer Larry McKay at the wrap of a music recording session for The Amway Corporation.  Starting with a basic idea and emotion this talented crew recored the basis for three original scores that will be heard worldwide.

St Hildegard: Trumpet of God

NOVEMBER 2015 – Sound Post provided the audio post production, sound design, and mixing for “St Hildegard: Trumpet of God.” The creation of writer, artist, and performer Linn Maxwell and produced by Rasikas Films,  St. Hildegard: Trumpet of Godspotlights the amazing prophecies about the antichrist and the end times that Hildegard preached in public during her later years. St. Hildegard, never one to mince words, speaks out once again with an urgent message for today’s believers and the clergy who shepherd them. Describing herself as a “strong female warrior” and a “trumpet – obedient to God,” she publicly rebuked the clergy of her day for being weak and sexually immoral.

Performer & Producer Linn Maxwell


The Water Project

September 2015 –  Work has begun on a Sound Post original soundscape: THE WATER PROJECT.   Collaborating with Sound Post writers, friends, musicians and voices, this music and sound project is totally inspired by being in, on, under, and around water.   Take a deep breath before the plunge … and stay tuned.


The Action Bible

FALL 2015  – Coming to a Sunday school near you in 2016!   David C. Cook Publishing’s The Action Bible in video form with music, voices, and sound design produced by Sound Post’s Stuart Poltrock.

With a Five Star Amazon rating, The Action Bible is a wonderful book and I highly recommend it! It is faithful and lively. People of all ages will read this and develop a hunger to now turn to the Bible and find therein a deeper appreciation for our God and His work for us in Christ.” ~ review from My Digital Seminary.

Sound Post 20th Anniversary

SEPTEMBER 2015 –  It’s been an amazing 20 years this first week of September.

Sound Post’s doors on Old 28th. Street opened this week in 1995. Thank you to our many clients, writers, voice talent, musicians, and friends. We’re looking forward to at least twenty more. ~ Stuart

Charlie & Company Season 2

AUGUST 2015 – Season 2 of School Zone Publishing’s ‘Charlie & Company’ is currently in production at Sound Post.  The stars of the show are a golden retriever named Charlie and his teacher Miss Ellie, who is played by the award-winning actress Danielle Augustine. In each episode, Charlie and Miss Ellie take a “learning adventure,” an exciting trip to a surprise location full of entertainment and teachable moments. Charlie and Miss Ellie learn important educational skills and valuable lessons about friendship from the people they encounter at each destination.

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