Sons of Anarchy

OCTOBER 2014 – Sound Post hosted actor Jeffrey Ross Newman and recorded ADR for ‘Sons of Anarchy.’  Jeff, in addition to being a fine actor, is a visual artist and was in Grand Rapids to participate in Art Prize.


Pro Tools 11

AUGUST 2014 – Sound Post now goes to eleven.  Version eleven is the new standard for audio production.   The most powerful digital audio workstation just got more powerful. Pro Tools redefines professional music and audio production for today’s workflows. From all-new audio and video engines and turbocharged “64-bit” performance, to expanded metering and new HD video workflows, Pro Tools enables you to take on the most demanding sessions and maximize your creativity—without holding anything back.

Boardwalk Empire

JULY 2014 – At Sound Post we completed ADR for scenes from ‘Boardwalk Empire’ with the delightful actress Erin Dilly.

ADR (dialogue replacement, sometimes called ‘dubbing’) is a necessary step in the audio post production of a feature film and is used when the sound recorded on the set is noisy, the dialogue unclear, or when the director wants to replace an actor’s line.

A Perfect Armenian

MAY 2014 – Sound Post hosted ‘A Perfect Armenian’ author Keri Topouzian and producer Elisabeth Veltman for the audiobook’s open, close, and Q&A recording and editing.

A wonderful first novel based upon historic events, A Perfect Armenian leads us into the intimate world of cultural conflict.  From Constantinople to Cyprus, the novel takes the twists and turns so deeply rooted in the duality of human nature.   Purchase your copy here.

Author, Keri Topouzian


Indianapolis 500

MAY 2014 – The narration for the opening teaser of the 2014 Indianapolis 500 was recorded in Sound Post’s Studio B.   Combining a montage of select historical race footage, the music of The Rolling Stone’s ‘Gimme Shelter,’ and a superb narration by actor Kevin Yon (recorded at Sound Post for ESPN using our ISDN connection), this race tribute was seen by millions.


Agent X

APRIL 2014 – Sound Post provided ADR (dialogue replacement) with actor Jeff Hephnerfor TNT’s pilot series ‘Agent X.’  The pilot stars Academy Award winning actress Sharon StoneJames Earl JonesOlga Fonda, and Gerald McRaney.

Michigan native actor Jeff Hephner plays the title role of John case, aka ‘Agent X.’    Sound Post hosted Jeff along with close family members for an ADR session.

In the series Sharon Stone stars as the widowed wife of a U.S. Senator who rises up the political ranks and becomes elected as the country’s first female Vice President.  Initially apprehensive that her job will be ceremonial in nature, she soon learns that it comes with a top secret duty: protecting the Constitution in times of great crisis with the aid of her Chief Steward and a secret operative designated “Agent X.”

I Like Listening

October 2013 – Sound Post collaborates with Baas Creative to complete the final sound for ‘I Like Listening’ – new in the ongoing ‘iLikeGiving‘ film series to encourge generous living.  “This is a campaign for a generous world because we believe a generous world is a better world for all of us. But we don’t want your money, we want your action. Live generously” – try it.

Audio Engineering Society

OCTOBER 2013 – Sound Post will have a presence at the 135th meeting of the Audio Engineering Society in New York City.   We’ll be meeting with industry manufacturers and software reps to determine the next upgrade to Studio A – and maybe catch a Broadway show.

Me Too

OCTOBER 2013 – Sound Post recorded author and friend Tim Cusack for his new book ‘Me Too.’

Have you ever…. 

been so happy you cried… felt awkward and embarrassed… regretted not saying something… found unexpected joy helping others… learned a profound lesson from a child… had a near death experience… lost someone you love… ME TOO!

This book of true stories captures touching, spiritual and funny moments. They are observations from the life of a man, who, through his work as a speaker, actor, and volunteer has had captivating experiences that evoke universal themes. They will leave you thinking “Me too!”

Purchase your print or audiobook copy here. The book is also available on AMAZON and iTunes.